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What is Priestessmind?

Priestessmind is a sacred space where womxn are invited to join a community of sisters who are exploring the Priestess Path. It is an online temple space created by Sora Surya No for creative, multi-dimensional beings who desire to grow their business and serve their community. 

Every month, receive free laser coaching through our Priestessmind LIVE, dive into Sacred 21-Day Practices, explore the powerful cosmic Emerald Dragon Tablet, and connect with other powerful sisters around the world. This is a place for responsible womxn who desire to go deep into the shadow to uncover their strength and pure divine essence. 

We are the mystery school for healers, medicine womxn, sorceresses, lightworkers, shadow warriors, seers, oracles, witches, coaches, mentors, guides, luminaries, wayshowers, and weavers.

Priestessmind provides a thriving online community for soulful, feminine priestess entrepreneurs. Here is where we share our lessons, celebrations, and questions. You will receive guidance from me, Sora Surya No, and other guest priestesses on how to grow your business, get clear around your messaging, engage powerfully with your community, and offer services that feel in divine alignment with your soul.

Emerald Dragon Tablet

In Priestessmind, you will be invited to explore the Emerald Dragon Tablet if you desire. This is a magical tool, an interstellar, multidimensional map and system that helps you align with your divine mission here on Earth by engaging with your Dragon, your Star Nation, and your Stay Ship.

Your Sacred business links to this guiding system, helping to transmit divine knowledge from other realms, so that you may engage with your clients, your community, and your family with grace. In Priestess Temple, we shall play with this living, breathing, altar.

We are here to mastermind, or rather Priestessmind.

You are encouraged to share ideas, heart-storm, celebrate your accomplishments, openly share your fears, and be inspired by one another.

Looking for sisterhood? 

Go no further for you are in the right place.

We value a divine feminine approach to being of service as a Priestess Entrepreneur. Our mission is to support soulful feminine leaders create a business that is filled with love, compassion, beauty, and abundance.

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